Chado-En Debuts Functional Tea Line at World Tea Expo

Functional Tea goes beyond a blend of herbs

Chado-En Tea Docents introduces new line of functional teas that are created naturally in the plant leaf by using specific varietals and processing unique to Japan.

Bodega Bay Calif., June 14, 2011-- The modern knowledge of physiological functionality, explaining the ancient wisdom of Zen Priest Eisai who in 1211 wrote about the effectiveness of Japanese Green Tea in maintaining good health and prolonging life is the basis behind the brand Shinwa Japanese Green Tea more than a beverage.

Stay Beautiful takes the lead as the Cosmeceutical/Nutraceutical- Bathing the skin with relaxing mist and soaks, while your entire body is infused with the magic and gentle power of Japanese green tea.

Stay Energized a pearl shaped tea you eat not drink and Stay fit tea powder that can be enjoyed as a super shot of antioxidants and energy alone or added to whatever you desire to eat or drink using the handy Green Tea Mixer will all be demonstrated and tasted at the World Tea Expo 2011.

Stay Balanced a unique Kagoshima Green Bancha and Stay Strong an “aged” Kyoto Bancha is also part of the new line and provides exceptional functional benefits resulting from the cultivar and processing.