Tea Lifestyle Journal

How to Enjoy Japanese Tea at Its Best

Segment - 1

Selecting the right vessel

First in this series. The key to a good cup of tea is to select the right vessel for the tea you are brewing. Like choosing a pair of shoes to go with an outfit. It must first work and then it must be pretty. A look at many varieties of brewing vessels.

Segment - 2

Brewing small leaf teas

When brewing small leaf teas, it is important to use cooler water and infuse very quickly. This is a demonstration of brewing a Gyokuro, a premium hand harvested, shaded tea that is only picked once a year.

Segment - 3

Brewing medium leaf teas

If the tea has grains or stems,such as Genmaicha or a Karigane, it is a medium leaf tea. Use warmer water and brew a little longer. We will demonstrate how to brew a high mountain Karigane. Japanese say, this tea may be the cure to Alzheimer's.

Segment - 4

Brewing twig and large leaf teas

When you see twigs and very large leaves (uncommen for Japanese teas), you will use much hotter water and you can infuse for a longer time. These teas are very forgiving. You can't make a mistake.

We are introducing our Kyotobancha. A very large leaf tea, only found in Kyoto.

Segment - 4

Choosing the tea based on the season and the occasion.

Coming soon.