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Health Aspect of Karigane Green Tea
A Segment from a Tokyo Broadcast System documentary about the neurological benefits of Karigane Green Tea.


How to Enjoy Japanese Teas at Its Best
Segment 1 - Selecting the right vessel.
Segment 2 - Brewing small leaf teas.
Segment 3 - Brewing mediun leaf teas.
Segment 4 - Brewing twig and large leaf teas.

How to Celebrate Special Occasions with Tea
Creating Romantic Memories with Blooming Teas.

Educational - Professionals

How to Steep and Use Organic Kyoto Karigane Tea - Shinwa

  1. How to prepare for the treatment room.
  2. How to prepare bulk Karigane Tea.
  3. See How Lotus Moon adds Shinwa to enhance results.
  4. Show how to continue the Ritual of Wellbeing at home.
  5. See a short segment of a documentary explaining the neurological benefits of Organic Karigane Tea.
How to Up-Lift Your Services and Guest Experiences!
  1. How to up-lift your service with premium loose leaf tea using a teapot & serve pot.
  2. How to up-lift your service with premium loose leaf tea in an elegant steeping cup.
  3. Celebrate luxurious calm with a meditative moment of relaxing regeneration.
  4. How to up-lift your back bar service with the most cost effective, efficient delivery!


Video by Japanese Ministry of Agriculture on Japanese Green Tea
Released May of 2009, very educational and in English.

BUGAKU - Ancient Shinto Dance
Part 1
Part 2

Japanese Children Dancing
Children of Nagasaki Dancing.

Impressions of a Japanese Tea Farm.
Mountain Top Green Tea Farm.
Abandoned Green Tea Field.


Interesting Tea Videos
Funny tea videos on the web from our friends.